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Watch Building an Effective Syndicate part 2

By 6 October 2021October 8th, 2021No Comments

Investing in a syndicate is important for a variety of reasons, including pooling capital, access to deal flow, high level of expertise and notably, reducing risk.

On 6th October, we presented the second in the series of Building an Effective Syndicate workshops, where we explored what it takes to build a successful sector-focused syndicate and unpicked some of the key considerations angels should take. Sitting down with the founder and managing director of South East Angels, Kristina Pereckaite, we looked at the journey of forming an angel group, the benefits of pooling capital, the incredible benefits of building an ethos-aligned investment group and more.


Kristina Pereckaite
Founder & Managing Director, South East Angels

Roderick Beer
Managing Director, UK Business Angels Association