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Upstarter Investor Breakfast

Calling all investors, join Upstarter Incubator for a morning breakfast event, spotlighting some of Bristol and Bath’s most innovative businesses!

This Investor Breakfast is for the Amplified Publishing prototypes, which aim to find ways to enable creators to generate sustainable income streams, find new audiences, and innovate through the creative and ethical use of technology. Investors are invited to register their expression of interest to attend an exclusive breakfast session, which will be on Zoom and last for an hour. Of course, if you are in Bath or nearby you are welcome to come and join in person.

The session will be structured with introductions, followed by a chance to speak a little more with each other. The goal of the session is to get investors and companies on the programme in contact with each other at an early stage so that a community of like-minded investors and founders can grow. This will not be running as a pitching session but as a chance to introduce each other. 

Businesses taking part:


Stormjar: Nightmare Auction

Stormjar is a new company have produced its first product using environmentally sustainable NFTs to create a new, horror social content creation experience called the Nightmare Auction, where monsters trade the nightmares of humankind. The project will build a community around nightmares that then become different forms of content – a game demo, a short film and a digital experience. 

Lost Horizon: Digital Twin

LostHorizon have taken the challenge of the pandemic to change what they do into a new way of connecting in venues. Their Digital Twin is a way of helping people to be in the building and digitally in the building and both in the same event. The prototype will be a rich, intuitive and detailed 3D free-roaming, open-world game environment offering social and real-time access to a global network of real-world venues and festivals.

Lost Horizon was founded in 2020, by the team that produces Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival and the rolling visual and digital art collection, ShangrilART. The team is renowned for bringing emerging culture to wider audiences, pushing boundaries and pioneering new ideas, so when Glastonbury 2020 was cancelled, Lost Horizon was created, a sprawling metaverse of six virtual venues, to produce an interactive festival that attracted an audience of 4.36 million globally. 

Network N: Follower TV

Follower TV is the latest innovation from James Binns of xx, where he has made the platform for influencers to be able to aggregate their work and for audiences find more of the work they love. This early-stage prototype will be launched on the day, and we will be hosting a whole new digital product. A Follower. TV channel is a place that pulls together all the content produced by a creator from multiple platforms into a single, chronological flow. Users will be able to sign into Follower.TV and get their own personalised experience, pulling in channels from their favourite creators – they will not need to miss a thing and no longer depend on algorithms.

Founded in 2012, Network N operates three divisions. The Publisher Collective is an advertising network that looks after 150+ websites and serves around 5 billion ads per month, delivering technology, programmatic, direct sales and growth support. Project N is the in-house creative agency, delivering solutions for clients including Amazon, Red Bull, Epic, Riot and Electronic Arts. The owned and operated portfolio includes brands like PCGamesN, PocketTactics, The Loadout, WarGamer and The Digital Fix. The company is based in Bath, in the UK, but operates with clients, partners and audiences all over the world. The group employs just over 120 full-time staff and continues to expand. 

If you wish to stay after the morning session, you are also invited to join us for a showcase day which will feature some groundbreaking development of new publishing ideas as prototypes. We will have speakers from the fellow’s explorations of Amplified Publishing, and a range of events in the building and online to explore new ideas.

Investors wishing to attend this exclusive event should email their expression of interest to Gill Wildman (

Date and time

29 April 2022
9:00am – 10:00am

Venue Address

Hybrid – Places are limited, please express your interest to Gill Wildman